“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.3 “In the Mud”

Drink, drank, drunk — After cashing out at the blackjack table, the
gang busts in on the ship’s club, the Crow’s Nest. Erika and Agostina, who’ve
quietly bonded over a shared affinity for sanity, pole-dance together and watch
the others throw all manner of propriety overboard.

Jackie may be the resident
lesbian about town, but Erika and Agostina are the perfect lesbian couple,
evidenced by their matching shirts and hairstyles. If only wishing made it so.

Weighing in at a mere 100
pounds of quivering, needy flesh, Rebecca gets totally hammered on vodka and
starts dirty dancing with Renessa, who’s equally blotto. Suddenly, a pack of
cougars pounces on little Renessa, squeezing her into a sandwich.

Who ordered the spring
lamb on white?

The dark-haired woman from
the lounge appears out of nowhere and hoists Renessa onto her back and starts
giving her a free pony ride. Whee! Renessa Lou Who is getting passed around
like a fish in a prison yard.

And loving it.

Jackie eventually comes
to Renessa’s rescue and brings her over to the bar, where her virtues are in
even greater danger. Rebecca is more polluted now, if that’s possible, and wants
to see Renessa "mack down on some hot lesbian." And she has just the
hot lesbian in mind; she starts taunting Jackie and Renessa to kiss each other.
Let me get my camera.

After several rounds of "you
kiss her," "no, you kiss," "no, you kiss," Jackie
leans into Rebecca and whispers to her.

Jackie: Are you trying to get me in
No … [to Renessa] I’ll kiss you. I’ll peck kiss you.
Go! Go for it.
Rebecca: [pecks Renessa] There!

Jackie innocently gives
Renessa another peck on the lips. How old are we? With all the pecking and double-dog
daring, I’ve forgotten.

Has Jackie learned
nothing from diddling with Rebecca? Meanwhile, Renessa is three sheets to the
wind and ready for more. The ship starts listing to one side as women form a
line in front of her.

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