“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.3 “In the Mud”


Advice from the guys — Back at the end of the Mud Run, there’s a
group shower scene the readers at AfterElton.com
might be interested in.

If you think that’s
disturbing, there’s a side view of Peeler I’m not even going to show you. Suffice
it to say, he might be wearing a ring, and it ain’t on his finger.

After the guys have
rinsed the caked mud out of their ass cracks, they sit at a picnic table and agree
the bonding experience was better than drum beating in a sweat lodge. Opening
up to his buds, Brian tells them Jackie hurt his feelings when she slammed the
door in his face before the meeting to plan the Doug Blasdell fundraiser.

He earnestly wants to
know why Jackie seems to hate him so much.

Jesse: I’ll be honest, Peeler. I’ll be
really, really honest, if you really don’t know. Jackie feels you use Doug’s
death as a platform for yourself.
Brian: Why?
Jesse: Being there, watching it? It
was over and over and over and over and over again. I think that’s where the
lack of respect comes from.

Five overs is harsh, even for Brian. And while Jesse’s theory (which
sounds more like his than Jackie’s) may be true, the I Hate Brian Peeler Club, with
its president, Jackie Warner, was formed long before Doug died.

Whatever the source of
the tension, the show is not called Work
Out Starring Brian Peeler
, and the other guys know who signs their
paychecks. Gregg reminds Brian, "If you are subordinate to somebody, you
got to play their game."

Brian comes to the sad
realization that without dewy, inviting cleavage, Jackie is never going to like

Jesse: Jackie doesn’t care if she has a
good personal relationship with you at all. So your job … she hires you as a
trainer in her gym. Your job is to show up and train. Don’t worry if she likes
you or not.

When did Brian become a
teenage girl? Maybe if he was a
teenage girl, she’d give him the time of day.

Red sky at night. Not. — According to the ancient sailor’s adage, a
red sky at night predicts there are no storms ahead. M’kay. As the sun sinks
slowly into a grey horizon, Jackie and the girls get vamped up in their best Hollywood finery and head for the nearest bar.

They plop down next to a
group of unsuspecting ladies and order shots. Erika proposes a toast: "Here’s
to Renessa finding a girl!"

The table next to them
hears Erika and raises their glasses in hookup solidarity. Agostina jumps on
the opportunity and asks if any of the ladies are single. Hee.

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