“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.3 “In the Mud”


Jackie arrives just in
time to witness the end of the festivities.

Jackie: What do they get? What’s the
Erika: Rebecca.
Jackie: OK. Good.

Oh, hot, funny Erika. How
in the world are you single?

Nice job — Back at Camp
P, the guys are still
waiting for their illustrious leader. Three days later, Peeler appears as a dot
on the horizon. The others rush forward to join him and link arms as a team. They
all finally cross the finish line together, right behind a group of toddlers, a
team of peg-legged pirates and one old elephant on its way to the graveyard.

Jesse reports afterwards,
"There was a group of older lesbians that totally passed us up, which is
so symbolic on so many levels."

The lesson here? Whether
on land or at sea, older lesbians kick ass.

You earned it — While Vickie Shaw retreats to her cabin to lie down
and weep, the Work Out cast visits
the ship’s spa to get their pamper on.

Wrapped in sumptuous
terry cloth, the girls lounge side by side while an attendant places cuke
slices on their eyes. Rebecca’s ADD can’t tolerate even one moment of calm, so
she gets the ball rolling by asking Renessa, "Do you want to share about
your dream?" And we’re off.

Renessa giggles
uncontrollably. Erika, with her seen-it-all cucumber eyes, immediately guesses
correctly that the dream was about a girl.

Renessa turns and smiles
a big goofball smile at Jackie.

Renessa: My dream was about you. I’m

No, I’m sorry.

Jackie: Me?
Renessa: I’m sorry. I don’t know. I’m
so sorry.
Jackie: OK. Now you have to tell me
what your dream was about. What was I doing?
Renessa: Now I have to build up the
courage to tell you!
Jackie: Well, you know what? Drinking
tonight, you know you’re going to tell me what it was. I will get it out of

Jackie basks in the smugly
warm knowledge that women are dreaming about her.

Rebecca is bemused and,
surprisingly, not threatened. She admits she fell for the Warner charisma — why
wouldn’t another girl come under Jackie’s commanding thrall? Nothing draws in
the straight chicks like masculine energy, a knack for self-promoting hyperbole,
and a dismissive attitude.

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