“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.2 “SkyLab 2.0″

Later, sitting at the
bar, Rebecca and Erika try to pinpoint when exactly Jackie went completely

Rebecca: This is the first time where I’d
seen severe insecurities with Jackie’s leadership ability. Because here we are,
given a task. And she walks in and takes it over. And I felt that was really undermining.

Good morning, Rebecca! How’s
that fine coffee aroma? Meanwhile, Erika is still dreaming.

Erika: Oh my God, I can’t believe she,
like, did that to us.
Rebecca: You can’t, really? You
really can’t believe she did that? It is exactly
what she does. She’s probably the biggest control freak I have ever met in
my entire life.

Frankly, Rebecca has
always had Jackie’s number. But now that she’s not one of Jackie’s Chosen Ones,
she’s getting the other end of the stick. Just then, Jackie finds them and acts
as if nothing happened.

Rebecca smiles disingenuously
and tells Jackie how stoked she was about the workout coup. Erika says that honestly
she was a little mad. Oh, Erika. Honesty has no place here.

Jackie pulls an excuse
out of her ass: She claims she was just looking for Erika, and when she saw
they were in the middle of a boot camp, she thought it would be a hoot to jump

Jackie: Here’s the deal: It’s meant to
be fun. It should be OK for me to jump in.
Rebecca: If you wanted to teach the
boot camp, you would have taught it …
Erika: What would you do if we
jumped in on your boot camp? You’d be, like, "Out!"
Jackie: No, I wouldn’t.
Rebecca: No. You would ignore us.
Jackie: I jumped in for a minute. Honestly,
I thought the energy could have been more up.
Rebecca: I thought we were doing
just fine without you.

Jackie and Rebecca go ’round
and ’round about who’s at fault while Erika retreats inside herself. "You’re
insecure." "No, you’re
insecure." "You crumbled." "I did not crumble." "Relax."
"No, you relax." Girls!
Girls! You’re both pretty.

Finally, Jackie resorts
to the always effective debating technique, "Blah, blah, blah."

Rebecca counters with the
equally effective argument, "When you point your finger, three more point
back at you."

Circular arguments are
entertaining for about four seconds. After the fifth second, you want to poke
sticks in your eyes. This one goes on for a full three minutes. And that’s three
minutes none of us will never get back.

Man the lifeboats. Abandon

Next week on Work Out: Nothing
eases tensions between management and staff like dirty dancing and tequila

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