“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.2 “SkyLab 2.0″


I’m the king of the lesbian world! — The girls finally arrive at
the ship terminal, where they’re greeted by Barbara Carrington, their Olivia cruise
liaison. Barbara personally shows Jackie to her VIP suite, which is stocked
with complimentary champagne. The girls are left wandering the endless
corridors, looking for the steerage section.

That night, the Olivia crowd
gathers on the deck and is introduced to the Work Out cast. Also appearing are two stars from a little show on
Logo called Exes &
Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Having Michelle Paradise
and Megan Cavanagh sharing the stage with Jackie Warner and company is like
serving prime rib with potato chips, but hey, something for everyone, right?

Then comes the part that
Jackie and Rebecca live for: getting fanned. Jackie moves through the crowd
like the celesbian she is, posing for pictures with fans and glad-handing the

Jackie: For me, that was work: signing
autographs, taking pictures. It’s fun, it’s flattering, I like to do it. I love
my fans.

If she thinks that was
work, she should feel grateful she didn’t have to shoot a video

Rebecca gets into the
lesbionic spirit and happily signs a few breasts. Trying out a little
free-spiritedness of her own, Erika emulates Rebecca and signs a few, too.

Everyone blithely dances
the night away as the ship slowly makes its way toward international waters,
where Jackie is under the impression that relationship laws don’t apply.

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