“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.1 “Hard Body … Thin Skin”


They pull up a couple of
chairs. Jackie sits down right next to the energy vampire. Rebecca swears she’s
not jealous of Briana, and yet she can’t stop giving them both the stink eye. Just
then, Plitt shows up with his blond client, Michelle.

Still irked from the
other night, Jackie doesn’t bother to look up or stop eating to acknowledge his
arrival. Gregg is impressed with Plitt’s arm candy.

The others cluck in
disapproval at socializing with clients. Jackie agrees and says with a completely straight face: "A gym is
a very social structure. There’s a lot of grey areas when it comes to dating. But
you have to know what lines not to cross."

Rebecca, would you please
pass the salt? The giant loaf of B.S. Jackie just served needs a little

Rule-happy Erika frowns
on mixing business with pleasure, but then again, she frowns on pleasure on
principle. Dour Erika needs to find the fun. Otherwise, life is just a series
of tedious jobs, pap smears and tax bills, and then you die.

For all her control
issues and overstated self-worth, Jackie knows how to have fun and starts
cleaning Briana’s teeth with her tongue right there at the table, but more
importantly, right in Plitt’s line of sight.

Brian wonders why this
keeps happening. "There’s only so much lesbian kissing anyone can take,"
he says. The rest of the table glances at Jackie and Briana uncomfortably, but
not because they’re put off by public displays of dental hygiene. They’ve grown
tired of watching their boss make out with her ladies in front of them.

Rebecca is especially annoyed,
but only because it’s not her, damn it. She retreats to the kitchen before she
does anything Mimi-esque. As Jesse is advising Rebecca to "buck up,"
Lisa and a friend show up, long after everyone’s done eating.

Rebecca tells Lisa what’s
going down, so Lisa sensibly suggests that Rebecca not sit next to Jackie.

As soon as Lisa
disappears into the bathroom, Jesse reminds Rebecca who signs Lisa’s paychecks
and not to confide in her. It’s like high school, but just the gym class part.

Coming up this season on Work Out:
Rebecca says she’s over Jackie, but her tears say otherwise. Brian and
Jackie reach critical mass. Erika gets in touch with her inner demons.

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