“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.1 “Hard Body … Thin Skin”


Plitoris immediately has
a problem. He takes one look at his free clothes and turns up his chiseled

Plitoris: I’m just not digging it.
Jackie: What don’t you like on my
clothing line?
Plitoris: How can a guy wear that
and be taken seriously?
Jackie: I can take them seriously. I
think it’s fun.

Plitoris has an issue
with the weight-lifting graphic. He says the girl’s pose is "wussied."
At least I think that’s what he said. Honey, I’m sure you’ve worked very hard
on that lisp, but we can still hear it.

Jackie: This is L.A. I live in Los Angeles. And all guys, straight guys,
love wearing hot chicks — if they’re done vampy — on their shirts.
Plitoris: I’m just not digging it.

He turns the shorts
inside out to hide Jackie’s SkyLab custom design. Everyone’s eyes are as big as
saucers with shock. Rebecca is positively giddy, hiding behind Jackie, because
she knows there’s a ball-stomping in store for Mr. Greg Plitt. Maybe not now,
but soon, and she’s going to be there with popcorn.

Jackie sends Rebecca
mixed signals by wrapping her arms around her. Jesse wants to give Plitoris a
big kiss for having the world’s biggest cojones.
Plitoris wants to take a group photo, and they all laugh at what a dork he is. Everyone
shows their very nice teeth as Lisa takes a picture of the whole hot mess.

Energy vampires — The next day, looking like Kristy McNichol’s
older sister, Jackie goes to see Dr. Shirley, her therapist.

Jackie reports that her
relationship with Briana is going well, even though Rebecca’s moved to

Jackie: Rebecca is kind of
disrespectful. And so, I’m going to, obviously, take care of my girlfriend’s
needs more that hers.
Dr. Shirley: You know, we talked
about how she seems to have some narcissistic tendencies. I don’t want to
diagnose her — I’ve never met her before — but that’s what they do. They call
them energy vampires.

Energy vampires. I like
that. Too bad Jackie’s no Slayer.

Later that day, Jesse is
house-sitting and decides what better time to throw a dinner party for crazy
people than when his friends have entrusted him with their lovely home? Jackie
is an hour late, as usual, and when she finally shows up, she has Briana in
tow, even though U-Hauls weren’t invited.

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