“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.1 “Hard Body … Thin Skin”

Enough about me, what do you think about me? — Plitt goes to work,
training a blonde named Michelle. Except his way of training is to work out,
too, which is like taking singing lessons from someone who wants to sing every
song with you.

The others, who are no
strangers to posing and preening, are appalled at how high the Big Bar of
Conceitedness has been set. And yet, they can’t tear their eyes away.

Finally, Lisa comes out
of her office and tells Plitoris McSteroid to cover up.

Plitoris puts his shirt
back on because he’s "a good guy." While he stays behind to learn the
other policies of Sky Sport & Spa, the gang goes out to lunch to process the
creature that is Jackie and Briana. Jackanna? Brianckie? Let’s vote.

Out to lunch — Rebecca says it’s the "hot topic," but she
seems to be the only one who wants to keep this dish warm. Only Jesse is
willing to jump in.

Rebecca: I think she really wants to be
in a healthy relationship, because she’s never really been in one. And I think
she’ll be in one, despite the fact that maybe this isn’t the right girl for
her, or whatever.
Jesse: You don’t think that Briana’s
the right girl for her? First of all, is the girl smart? If the girl’s really …
I’ve only met her a couple of times, but she’s really, really sweet.
Rebecca: No. She’s not that smart. Even
Jackie said that. She’s not that smart, and she’s a 25-year-old bartender.
Jesse: Why does Jackie go for younger
girls all the time?

The group agrees it’s a
control issue. Thank goodness that’s settled. Who wants to watch Project Runway?

Jesse then tells a random

Q. Why do girls wear
makeup and perfume?
A. Because they’re ugly and they stink.

Is it wrong that I
laughed? I’m not well. Apparently, Erika is not well either.

Ready to wear — Jackie hosts a little after-work happy hour with
cocktails, noshes and new SkyLab clothing that she’s been working on for over a
year. Jackie is beaming with pride.

As she bestows each
trainer with their own bundle of shorts, shirts and hats, Jackie tells them she
paid close attention to softness and detail, and she’s thrilled to have them
wearing her creations when they’re training. And by "thrilled" she
means "mandatory." She goes on to tell the girls, "You guys have,
like, full-on wardrobe." The girls say holla.

Jesse says sarcastically,
"Wow, Jackie favored the women!" and Jackie laughs a hearty, tough
s— laugh for every girl or woman who ever wanted a cool shirt that only came
in a men’s XXL, or had to settle for inferior quality and paid more for far,
far less.

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