“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 3.1 “Hard Body … Thin Skin”

Rebecca wanders into
Jackie’s office to gaze at her longingly while getting the latest on the woman
who took her place.

Rebecca: How are things going with Briana?
Jackie: We’re doing well, we’re
doing well. Did you know that we went on our first date, and she moved in that

From across the room, my
girlfriend asked, "Was Briana homeless?" I doubt it, but this
definitely sets some kind of new world record.

Rebecca calls Jackie "the
quintessential lesbian" and then laughs right in her face when Jackie says
she loves Briana very much. Rebecca, you rawk.

Rebecca: So, don’t you want to know how
my relationship’s going?
Jackie: Not really.
Rebecca: That’s nice. Thank you.
Jackie: I’m just kidding. You never
mention your relationship hardly anymore.
Rebecca: Yeah, I know.
Jackie: I have to think it’s ’cause
it’s not that interesting.
Rebecca: No, I just, ya know, when I’m
with you, I’m with you. And I don’t talk about my relationship.
Jackie: And when you’re away from
me, ya miss it.

Is it me, or are they a
perfect for each other?

As a conciliation, Jackie
offers Rebecca her pit bull of a Chihuahua,
Machu Pichu, or Pikachu, or whatever its name is. I forget.

You call that working? — Meanwhile, new trainer Renessa works out a
client by keeping a trained eye on his crotch, and veteran trainer Brian Peeler
keeps his eyes on a pair of heaving breasts.

Brian and Renessa are
friends for a reason.

Renessa introduces herself
by saying she’s sexual, flirtatious and "naughty, really naughty." But
the small-town girl from South Dakota
doesn’t know from naughty, not like Peeler’s client, Sarah Kozer, star of Fox’s
reality show Joe Millionaire and some
other interesting
. If that doesn’t do it for you, you can always pretend she’s Elizabeth Mitchell.

After Kozer leaves to
pick up her dominatrix outfit from the cleaners, Brian tries to get in on a
meeting with Jackie and Don, a close friend of the late Doug Blasdell, to discuss
an upcoming fundraiser for the Doug Blasdell Outreach Program.

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