“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 207

Jackie’s next hurdle — Jackie came home to accomplish a few things: speak to America ‘s youth about how to flunk almost every class and still grow up to be groovalicious, form a lasting truce with her mother, and visit her father’s grave, which she’s never done. Who decided this show needed some sobriety? I need Rebecca flown into town, stat.

It’s morning, and Jackie and Erin are sitting around their hotel room in their pj’s, sipping coffee. Jackie’s morning voice is all husky and Kathleen Turner. Erin listens quietly as Jackie talks about her dad’s suicide when she was 18.

Jackie: I was here visiting when he shot himself. I was just here, like, for Christmas break or something. It’s complicated because my father was mentally ill. So, the relationship was complex because I wanted a relationship, but there was shame involved because … I almost didn’t want his mental illness to rub off on me.

Jackie tells us that for years, she pretended her dad never existed. She completely checked out on her feelings and never grieved. At 39 years old, she’s finally ready to face the realities of her family tragedy.

Other kinds of self-improvement — Back to L.A. Brian’s running a Skylab group session. He keeps it light and fun, because giddy with power and an endorsement from Jackie, Brian’s walking on air. Meaghan uses her time wisely — she’s feeling the burn. Lazy-ass Kiki makes a rare appearance, but would rather dawdle around going to the bathroom and jogging in slow motion than do anything that’s going to give her a single muscle.

Half-assery doesn’t cut it in Peelerville, but it will, apparently, earn you a "B" in gym at Fairborn High. Kiki takes a swig from her water bottle because, phew, that bathroom is waaaay on the other side of the room.

At the cemetery — Jackie and her mom take a drive out to the military cemetery where her dad is buried. As they walk past row after perfect row of uniform white marble headstones, Jackie holds her mom’s arm with one hand, and in the other, a small bouquet of flowers.

They arrive at her father’s grave. The headstone reads, "Vincent B, Cpl, US Marine Corp, Vietnam."

Jackie: So this is what I missed. [laughs self-consciously]
Karen: Actually, it was a military funeral. It was really nice … the American Legion came — the little old men that came and did the flag-folding and placed it on the coffin and everything, and someone played "Taps." He was a casualty of war. He was a casualty of Vietnam.
Jackie: Well, I think it’s nice that you come out to visit him.
Karen: I do. He’s out here all alone now. There’s nobody else to come and visit him.
Jackie: I hope that’s not the case when I go.
Karen: I’ll come visit you. I plan on still being alive.

Jackie laughs. Karen has a dark sense of humor that Jackie didn’t know she had. Maybe they do have more in common than Jackie realizes?

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