“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 207


The next shot is Jackie at 20-something, looking very different now. The pearls are gone, replaced by a thick silver chain. Her hair is scruffier, and she’s staring impassively at the camera, holding her deranged Chihuahua, Pichu, when he/she/it was a puppy. Jackie looks like Courtney Love’s butcher, marginally cleaner, baby sister.

That’s about as far down Memory Lane as Jackie can stand to go, so she and Erin get up to leave for their hotel. Karen looks up at Jackie with her cocker spaniel eyes and says, "I thought you said you were staying here." Gah. Mom-guilt. They can’t help it. It’s in the job description.

Back at the ranch — Brian is looking for a blond wig so that he can embody the very essence of Jackie during his tenure. He’s lurking around the other trainers. Rebecca, because she’s under Jackie’s weird thrall, thinks it’s a brilliant Warner strategy: Putting the problem child in charge makes him rise to the occasion. Really? Then why isn’t Jesse in charge?

Fast times at Fairborn High — Jackie and Erin return to Karen’s house the next morning for breakfast. Over berries and that white vomit some people call cottage cheese, Jackie mentions that her former teacher has invited her to speak to the kids at her old high school. Erin wants to know if she’s nervous, but Jackie’s not afraid to wing it and answer questions such as, "Do you know Justin Timberlake?" She wants her mom to come with them, so they all pile into the family minivan, and off to school they go.

As they’re pulling into the parking lot of Fairborn High School, Jackie’s blasé attitude vanishes like a senior’s resolve on prom night. She doesn’t let fear rule her life, she says, but a mild panic attack isn’t out of the question. Fond memories come rushing back to Jackie: pretending to be straight so as to protect her popularity, sporting that ’80s hair, getting suspended. Good times.

Her old teacher, Barbara, whips out Jackie’s transcripts. Jackie was sure she was an honor roll student, but the paper doesn’t lie — it’s full of C’s and D’s and a few F’s.

She did get a B in gym, so there’s your proof she had one innate talent, sort of. Jackie’s real skill is blowing smoke — she decides her new theme is "You, too, can be a failure in school and still make a butt load of money and date hot chicks."

Brian makes a call — Brian misses Doug more than anyone. His mentor, friend and brother Doug is still in the hospital. Everyone keeps saying he’s getting better and getting out any day now, but it hasn’t happened. Doug is still refusing all visitors; he doesn’t want anyone to see him looking sickly. Brian calls him to check in.

Doug: I’m pretty much trashed. I look just trashy … I mean really bad. And I have a hard time talking.
‘Kay, well as far as your body goes, your muscle goes, don’t worry about that, ’cause I can help you rebuild all that and get you back …
… get you back strong again.
Doug: Dude, I’ve just got some certain things that are important in my life, like my body. Just, you know, not focusing on like how big it is or anything like that. Just getting it, you know …
Brian: … healthy.
Doug: … back into my normal mode. But in two or three days, I’ll be out.

Brian says, "I love you," hangs up and lets out a heavy sigh.

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