“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 201

Leaving Las Vegas — Erika’s working with a woman named Beverly who drives in every weekend all the way from Las Vegas. That’s almost 300 miles. One way. Beverly struggles with bulimia. And a deep misunderstanding of fuel conservation.

Erika quizzes her on her intake. And output, I guess. Erika also had an eating disorder when she was young, so she feels uniquely qualified to help Beverly.

Beverly: I think it’s been 10 years now that I’ve been throwing up. For the past couple of months that I’ve been working out with you, I haven’t thrown up once.
That’s so awesome.
Beverly :
I know that bulimia is not something that you can ever really overcome …
You are overcoming it.
Beverly :
I am overcoming it.

The whole exchange would be very touching — if Erika didn’t have Beverly’s leg over her shoulder and wasn’t bearing down over her like she was about to enter her. And that’s what I’m thinking when Beverly concludes, "And that’s why I drive all the way down from Vegas."

Just Jack — Doug and Jesse are having a homo-feud. Doug did an interview for a well-known website devoted to gay and bisexual men in entertainment and the media. What’s it called again? Oh yeah. AfterElton.com. In the interview, Doug likened Jesse to Jack from Will & Grace, and Jesse had a hissy fit over it. What’s wrong with that? I love Jack. Jack and Karen were my favorite characters. I liked them more than Will or Grace. I’ll go one step further and say I wouldn’t have minded if they called the show Rosario.

Doug: He felt I was calling him "queenie." In return, Jesse did an interview that totally attacked my character and tore me to shreds. I just found it very vindictive and kind of childish, especially because I had already apologized twice.

Jesse, vindictive and childish? Wherever did he get that idea? Doug, you’ve been gay for a while now. You should know that angering a queen is like sticking your head in a wasp’s nest.

Doug has an unlikely ally in Brian. But Jesse is Jackie’s male doppelganger.

Jackie: Jesse is my best friend at the gym. We see things with the same dark, twisted sense of humor. He’s always good for a laugh.

Ladies who lunch — Jackie and Jesse have a girls’ day out together. Over lunch at a sidewalk cafe, they mock Doug’s interview, in which he said he was a "positive gay role model." Jackie should put an end to the feud between her two employees, but she loves to dish too much and laughs and nods as Jesse says, dripping with sarcasm, that he’s a bad role model because he’s "so flaming gay."

Jesse: With gay men, there’s a like a structure and Doug played into it. And I think it’s just such baloney. There’s like [at the bottom] drag queens, and [then] flaming queer guys, and [next] kind of effeminate [men], and then gay Republicans, and then [at the top] the butch guys. … Like for some reason if you’re butch, you’re better than the drag queens. I don’t think so.

News flash: That kind of kooky thinking doesn’t exist exclusively among gay men. Butches and femmes, fat and thin, beauties and the beasts, rich and poor, Caucasian and everyone else. Hello! The only status ranking system I subscribe to is that smart people are better than dumb people.

Only in L.A. — To cement his standing near the bottom of the role-model ladder, Jesse goes with Jackie to a beauty salon and gets his nostrils waxed. I didn’t even know this service was available. Jackie gets her face put on for the dinner and auction later that night.

In case you’re wondering, to get your nostrils waxed, the "nostrilologist" applies hot wax to the inside of your nose, allows it to cool and then rips the plug out with several quick, tear-inducing yanks. You have to be a special kind of shallow to endure this procedure.

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