“Work Out” Recaps: Episode 201


I wish I could quit you — After a long day of cajoling and prodding her staff, Jackie drives home to her new and empty house. Mimi’s around not so much. And by "not so much" I mean not at all. Jackie admits that her work came between them and maybe they didn’t communicate very well.

Also, Mimi liked to bite Jackie. I don’t know. I think biting has little room for misinterpretation.

We’re treated to the highlights of fights from last season, because watching lovers go at each other’s throats is even more fun the second time around. A rousing round of she said/she said, biting and wine glass-throwing makes for must-see TV.

Jackie reports that she and Mimi have spent several months apart. Jackie’s in her kitchen, opening a bottle of wine and saying: "I guess the saying is true. Never say ‘never.’" And in walks Mimi.

Jackie laments that at her age, she should be in a healthy relationship by now, but she’s not. She keeps calling Mimi. And she wonders why she’s not in a healthy relationship?

Giving an unenthusiastic "cheers," Jackie raises her glass and immediately looks away like they’re toasting with hemlock. These two drink a lot every time they’re together. Nothing takes the edge off a crappy relationship like a good chardonnay buzz.

They play a game of Catch the Grape Tomato With Your Teeth, because there’s nothing more seemingly playful yet passive-aggressive than throwing food at your girlfriend’s face.

Jackie: Use those teeth for a good reason. Catch it … catch it. [laughing after Mimi misses] I swear to God, you look just like a little dog.

Can’t you just feel the love?

Jackie admits this relationship is her addiction. Jackie wants to work on their communication skills in a structured setting, also known as therapy. Save your money. The only thing you’re going to get out of couples therapy is permission to break up.

Jackie: If we can’t make it work this time, then I’m out. And not only am I out, but I’m out without any tears this time.

Mimi is uncharacteristically silent and stone-cold. This evening makes the worst blind-date seem like a hootenanny.

The night shift — Meanwhile, at Sky Sport, Gregg is working with a client named Daniel who needs to put bulk on, not lose weight. Daniel thinks eating 4,000 calories a day is hard. Boo hoo. One Bloomin’ Onion from Outback Steakhouse is over 2,000 calories alone. And it’s a vegetable, right?

While Gregg works to put some mass on his frat-boy client, Zen is in the corner doing her own thing. And in case you were wondering if guys gossip as much as girls do, let me fill you in: they’re worse.

Daniel: What’s up with the little girl? What’s the deal?

Can you be more condescending, bean-pole? Zen could bench-press your skinny ass.

Gregg: You know I’ve been dating her, right?

Gregg says they used to date, but if they’re going to pick that back up, it’s up to her. Zen thinks Gregg has many "fabulous qualities" like being a nice guy, a great trainer and a talented musician. Gregg thinks Zen is a great girl: great legs, great face, great stomach, great arms.

And there’s the difference between straight men and straight women.

Zen says her red flag is that Gregg’s only 23 years old. So, what’s your point?

The day shift — Pillsbury Doughboy Jesse is training a Los Angeles radio host named Ellen K.

Ellen: I have a little boy. After you give birth, it’s like "Gah, how do you get this weight off?" And that’s when I met Jesse. From then on, it was love at first sight. So we just kind of started spending a lot of time together outside of work outs, too. We became close friends. He’s like a brother to me.

Is it just me or is having a gay guy who’s "like a brother" the latest trend these days?

Jackie gives us her assessment of Jesse, the other gay brother:

Jackie: Jesse has gained weight. He is not at a body that, in my opinion, is representative of a training professional. And that’s why I kind of ride him. I want him to know that he is a representative of Sky Sport and SkyLab, and he really has to have the body that his clients want to achieve.

Ellen K, turns out, is just like a sister, because she has no problem ratting on Jesse about their stops for doughnuts and pizza and that giant cookie he ate last week.

Doug has a client, too: his former boyfriend of 14 years, Cheo. Pictures of Doug and Cheo from a decade ago show them as two ridiculously good-looking, muscle-bound guys. Cheo is still pretty massive, but his face is puffy and soft. Doug reveals Cheo has kidney failure and is at Sky Sport to get in shape for a transplant operation.

Cheo: To have been an athlete since I was 11, and to be able to do marathons, triathlons, and cycling, and more than anything, running — because running has been my passion — it was really hard to learn I had a disease.
I’ve been separated from him for almost four years now, and we’ve had many, many fights. As hard as those fights have been, you want to be there for him.

Organ failure and extreme irritability in athletes can be caused by any number of factors. That’s all I’m going to say.

Silent Auction — Jackie’s been invited to attend a dinner and silent auction at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. She invites her trainers to go with her and support the cause. Jesse says he’s in for the free food.

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