Wildfang employs Kate Moennig, Megan Rapinoe and Hannah Blilie to bring you tomboy fashion

USWNT soccer player Megan Rapinoe said she has the same problems while shopping. “I am too small for the menswear styles that I would love to wear. I like bigger loose fitting shirts, but not baggy and slouchy, they still need to be designed well to fit my body — thats hard to find,” she said. “It just seems like something is always a bit off.”

Megan describes her personal style as “Eclectic! I go from wearing a dress shirt buttoned right to the top to a cool muscle tank with a cool graphic. I would say I am casual and comfy but classy. I like to be different.”

When she’s off the field in France, where she plays currently, her go-to outfit is skinny jeans, black leather ankle boots, an oversized sweater, a black wool jacket, black leather gloves and “always a scarf.”

Both Hannah and Megan said they had a blast at the shoot with photographer Lindsey Byrnes.

“For me the WF shoot was something totally different to my normal day job,” Megan said. “I really loved having fashion and style be the focus of it all, it’s like this whole other side to me that people don’t often get to see. Style is just as big a part of me as football is.”

“It was fun and natural,” Hannah said, “and I got along well with the other models.”

What’s evident from the initial campaign is the different kinds of tomboy styles there are, all of which Wildfang is catering to. Megan Rapinoe’s look has a hint of the feminine and sporty, while Hannah Blilie’s look has a bit of a dandy edge. Kate Moennig’s signature leather cool is both simple and neutral. The other two models, fashion blogger Nadia Sarwar and Glamour assistant shopping editor Laurel Pantin, bring their own tomboy to the group with slouchy overalls, oversized coats and hats generally reserved for the heads of men.

If you visit wearewildfang.com today, you can sign up to be among the first to see the collection on the official launch March 2013. What Emma and Julia want most is for you to feel the collaborative spirit of Wildfang.

“We are here to serve tomboys and we are here to listen,” Emma said. “If you love our looks and we don’t have your sizes,then let us know. Or if you love a particular brand that we don’t currently carry, then let us know. As our business grows, we will have the finances to serve more and more tomboys, in more and more sizes and styles.”

Before March, you can follow Wildfang on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates, or even for some style inspiration. They hope to fill a niche that has been long ignored in the fashion industry, and they are ready to meet your needs.

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