What the hell is Nica Noelle?


Nica may vocally distance herself from feminist pornographers, but she cheerfully accepted a 2013 Feminst Porn Award for Steamiest Romantic Movie. Like any smart business owner, Nica Noelle doesn’t let personal opinions cloud business savvy. It’s a tad hypocritical, but then against many artists who rail against establishments or mindsets are still more than happy to accept critical acclaim. If Satan himself called me up to give me a writing award I’d be like “Yeah, boo, where you at?”

Nica Noelle describes herself as “reclusive” with mostly long distance relationships and friendships. She might be a loner in her personal life, but on set I’m actually moved by the warm, family like atmosphere on set. Since Nica Noelle is about to have her tonsils removed, the crew of Translove 3 brought her cake and champagne to say goodbye for a few weeks while she heals. It’s absolutely adorable. No one ever buys me cake. But whatever. I’m not jealous.

After finishing our interview, I spend the next five hours watching (porno) magic get made and getting to know the cast and crew, all of whom I quickly learn to adore. Sarina Valentina, the starlet, is one of the most exquisitely beautiful women I’ve ever met and naturally exudes bubbly joy. Jimi King, the videographer, patiently answers all my questions with a sweet and surprisingly shy smile. Joshua Darling, a talented photographer, looks like a smooth talking insider but acts like an irreverent badass. We all bond during shooting when over-zealous lovemaking causes Sarina to bleed a little, and I get to teach the entire set how to insert a tampon. It was a group effort and absolutely hysterical.

Sarina Valentina

Josh Darling

All together Nica Noelle, Sarina Valentina, Jimi King, Joshua Darling, and the entire Candy crew leave me exhilarated, inspired, and dying to come back for more. Let’s hope I’m still invited. I was told next time there would be lesbian nuns, and I’m very interested in watching that particular magic be made. For academic purposes of course.

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