What the hell is Nica Noelle?


Nica’s views on porn and gender don’t seem particularly out there or offensive to me, so I’m surprised to find the amount of hate directed to her from the self-designated “leaders” of the feminist pornography movement. After Nica Noelle tweeted “I agree that prostitution should be legal, but it’s not, so I’m not down with condoning it,” Bianca Stone actually called for a boycott of all Candy productions. Courtney Trouble and Nica Noelle got into a prolonged and, frankly, silly sounding Twitter tiff over whether or not porn=prostitution. Call me old school, but I believe feminists should support female colleagues, regardless if they hold the same views. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Bianca Stone and Courtney Trouble, Nica Noelle’s most vocal critics, are also her professional competition.

After hearing about the massive cluster-fuck that seems to entail the politics of female-driven pornography, I had a bit of an eureka moment. “Aha” I thought “she’s just a savvy businesswoman who saw a demand in pornography that needed to be filled. She’s not trying to make a statement, she’s trying to make money, and good on her for that. There are plenty of feminists attempting to make a statement out of female sexuality, Nica Noelle is a woman using her work experience to create and run several successful businesses. And why should she have to be anything more? Successful business men aren’t just celebrated, they’re lionized for making profit. No one expects male pornographer to be making some sort of broader sexual/cultural statement, why do we expect a female pornographer to? Because there must be some sort of emotional or intellectual motivator for a woman who couldn’t possibly be motivated by something as crass as money? Because we still need to sugarcoat fucking with a delicious sprinkle of sexual politics? It reminds me of high school, when the popular boys were expected to just be affably attractive and the popular girls were honor students who played two sports and president of at least one extracurricular. Women who succeed financially are supposed to be motivated by some broader good for society or at very least to make their family proud. God forbid we do it for ourselves. God forbid Nica Noelle create porn for consumption and profit rather than for the well-being of women. By simply making the choice to stand alone, Nica Noelle has made herself enemy #1 to the self-appointed leaders of the feminist pornography movement. It’s a classic herd mentality: If you’re not with us, you’re against us. If you don’t agree with us, you’re fighting us. If you’re not helping us, you’re hurting us. Conform or leave. There’s something deliciously ironic about feminist pornographers eagerly crucifying a woman whose greatest offense is ‘she should agree with us but she doesn’t.’”

Alas, the ever-contrary Nica Noelle quickly shoots down my badass businesswoman angle. “It never had anything to do with money. It’s artistic and it is moral, but moral in the sense it’s about being a human, not about being a woman or a man. It’s not about politics. It doesn’t have to do with any of those trappings. Human beings like to watch other human beings have sex.” At this time I’m a bit confused. Nica Noelle just has spent a great deal of time dismissing the morality of feminist pornographers, but professes to create moral pornography. I suppose for Nica Noelle, “feminism” means “just for, by, and to women.” Therefore, the morality of her films differs because it is about genderless humanity. To each her own. Nica Noelle seeks to combine realistic sex, human morality, and erotic art into her work. “This is the approach that I felt for myself was missing… Everybody told me I would fail. [Candy Studios] happened because I wasn’t approaching it as a business and I wasn’t afraid of failure.” And boy, were those critics wrong. Nica Noelle’s Candy studios have become wildly successful, and her schedule is packed with shoot upon shoot.

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