What kind of lesbian are you?


Type: Counterculture Toughie177467195

Brand: Doc Martin

Starbucks Drink: Dirty Chai

Hobbies: Paring lacy black slips with combat boots, snapping pictures of street harassers, forgetting to wash her hair

By Day: Sells sex toys

By Night: Uses sex toys


Type: Surfer Lesbian171742026

Brand: PacSun

Starbucks Drink: Grande Iced Coffee

Hobbies: Surfing, Smoking pot, surfing. Did we mention surfing?

By Day: See above re: surfing

By Night: Beach bonfire


Type: L.A. Androgynouslalesbian

Brand: Wildfang

Starbucks Drink: Red Eye

Hobbies: Wearing inappropriate shoes to hike Runyon, hanging out at Cafe Tropical while respectable people are at work, hooking up with straight girls

By Day: Underwear model

By Night: Part of Miley Cyrus’s entourage


Type: High-end Wholesome161140995

Brand: Whole Foods brand clothing

Starbucks Drink: Chai Latte with Soy

Hobbies: researching colleges for her twin three-year-olds, reading Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog, training for a marathon

By Day: Runs a small artesian soap business

By Night: A glass of red wine in the tub


Which type are you?

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