What kind of lesbian are you?


Type: Club Gurl130899528

Brand: Bebe

Starbucks Drink: Venti Caramel Frappuccino

Hobbies: Texting and driving, cardio strip classes, passing as straight

By Day: Pharmaceutical Sales

By Night: Hanging out with Tila Tequila 


Type: Dapper Boi114307582

Brand: H&M Menswear

Starbucks Drink: Shaken black tea lemonade

Hobbies: Standing in line for the latest iPhone, reading Esquire, stalking gay men to take notes on their style

By Day: Best Buy Geek Squad

By Night: On an Okcupid date


Type: Queer Academic161807328

Brand: Ann Taylor

Starbucks Drink: Grande Earl Grey in a Venti cup

Hobbies: Analyzing the post feminist implications of Sandra Bullock movies, running a tumblr devoted to Jack Halberstam, publishing or perishing

By Day: Teaching Queer Studies

By Night: Secretly reading Modern Bride


Type: Late-to-the-Game Hipster Lesbian161140977

Brand: Urban Outfitters with all identifying labels ripped out

Starbucks Drink: Soy Cappuccino

Hobbies: Playing Cards Against Humanity, holding a piece of bacon to her upper lip and pretending it’s a mustache

By Day: Trust Fund

By Night: Obsessively checking Ebay for the perfect cigar-box guitar


Type: Aging Hippie76157629

Brand: Birkenstock

Starbucks Drink: Tall mint tea

Hobbies: Saying “namaste” to bus drivers, canvasing, attending a unitarian church

By day: Massage therapist

By Night: Crosswords and a cat

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