What if Sue Sylvester hacked Siri?


“And that’s how Siri sees it!”

By now you’re probably well-acquainted with Siri, the new iPhone 4S app that works like a genie in a bottle. Or, well, like a genie in a sleek multimedia enabled smartphone. Want to know the date of your dad’s birthday? Just ask Siri! Want to send a text to your girlfriend to let her know you’re running late? Let Siri do it! Want a workout playlist to get you through your run? Siri’s on it!

Siri’s cool, right? But can we be honest? Siri’s also kind of boring. But you know what wouldn’t be boring? If one day, out of the blue clear sky, Sue Sylvester hacked Siri and became the answer-er of all your deepest conundrums!

Siri is normally quite good at scheduling appointments, but with Sue manning the calendar you might find you have less free time.

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