“Wentworth” recap (1.5): (Don’t) Play Nice


In the yard, Liz is paying for her public drunkenness by cleaning up the vomit which graces the flower beds on a daily basis. Doreen still hasn’t forgiven her for ruining speech day, which leaves them both feeling pretty isolated. But it’s hard to believe Liz’s apology is sincere when she washes it down with a big gulp of toilet hooch, which she doesn’t even bother to hide.

wentworth5.3Booze turns you a little bit invisible.

Since Liz has forfeited her position as peer worker, Erica calls Doreen into her office to offer her the job. But because she has a Hufflepuff heart of gold, Doreen turns it down out of respect for Liz’s feelings.

Outside, Fletch and Will are going for their daily run, but Will only makes it a few steps before collapsing in a sweaty (yet, as always, perfectly muscular) heap. Fletch decides now is the moment for a wake-up call.


Fletch: Look mate, I have given you the standard four episode grace period for dealing with your loss, but it ends now. If you come to work one more day reeking of scotch, funeral lilies, and herring, then you are gonna have to find someone else to go dancing with.

If someone said that to me after I just sucked at exercise, I would cry and cry and cry forever, but Will deals with his Feelings by attacking some crates. However, in doing so he injures his shoulder, which sends him to the hospital wing. While there, he runs into Bea, and she stares at his bare torso like he is the high school quarterback to her band geek.

Back in her office, Erica is forced to make her much-dreaded request of Franky. And she really is trying to be professional, but it takes two, in this case, not to tango, and Franky simply refuses to pretend she doesn’t hear the music.

wentworth5.5You liiiiiiiike me.

Franky agrees to undertake career training, but only on the condition that Erica herself gives it to her. She says she can’t, but somewhere in the refusal, her façade crumbles and her real reasons for distancing herself from Franky are made plain. And since an acknowledgement of their attraction was all Franky really wanted, she leaves that meeting a very happy prisoner.

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