“Wentworth” recap (1.4): The Magic Word


When Jaqs finally sees her husband, she berates him for flaunting his little tart in public, because it undermines her power behind bars.  He tries to make it up to her by smuggling her some cheese “with extra bite.”  One wonders what this bite refers to: drugs?  Razor blades?  Or is it just some really dank talegio? (I will forgive anything if you give me enough cheese, for future reference.)

That night, Will and Fletch strip down to their muscle shirts and go to a dance club blasting house music.  So for a second, I was like “OMG TWIST WILL & FLETCH ARE LOVERS!” But no, apparently dance clubs are a thing straight Australian men do together just as bros.  Will shows Fletch the tape of him arguing with Meg, and Fletch says that Will needs stop chowing down on red herring for breakfast, lunch, and tea.  EXCEPT: actually Fletch is lying because he and Meg had/were having an affair.  So at this point, fucking everybody is a suspect in her murder.

Frustrated and lost, Will tries to make himself feel better by having sex with a stranger in the bathroom, and afterwards he is like “wow that was exactly what I needed, and I feel much better now.”

wentworth4.13Just kidding, he hates himself.

 The last thing we see is Franky and Erica shamelessly eye-fucking in the prison yard, which sets the stage for next week, when stuff happens.

wentworth gif3 wentworth gif4 wentworth gif5

Franky and Erica stuff that I can’t talk or think about without hyperventilating.

In the meantime, I want you all to try the puppies and jelly trick and report back to me about how it works.

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