“Wentworth” recap (1.4): The Magic Word

With Ronnie’s daughter clinging to life, Erica wants to postpone today’s back-patting ceremony, but her boss insists it goes on as planned.  This is hardly a good decision, since the women are ready to rip Ronnie to shreds for hurting her daughter.  The all know she did it under Jaqs’ orders, but it’s that whole zero-tolerance for hurting kids thing we’ve all seen in a dozen prison shows, which has always struck me a rather arbitrary line to draw in the sand.  Doreen and Boomer are among those screaming threats at Ronnie, but Jaqs and Franky circle the drama like vultures, searching for ways to play it to their advantage.

Jaqs, however, is distracted by the news that her husband has just been released from prison and is coming for a conjugal visit.  His name is Vinnie, because that is what mothers name their sons when they want them to grow up and become criminals.  Jaqs orders Bea to drop by her cell before the visit, which Bea assumes means that she will ask Debbie to be her next drug mule.  Bea begs Franky for help, but the bean-flicker is miffed about her burned hand, and also hopes that in her desperation, Bea will kill Jaqs herself and save Franky the trouble.

While this situation simmers, Liz’s is coming to a boil.  The pressure of organizing the women’s speeches is bringing up even more flashbacks.  It seems that when her family confronted her about her drinking, she tried to make it up to them by planning an elaborate party for her mother-in-law.  Unfortunately, then as now, stress and self-doubt push Liz’s hard-earned stability to the breaking point.  When she finds some homemade hooch Boomer brewed in a supply closet (which looks like something a dog ate, threw up, and then ate again) she is sorely tempted to go back to her old ways, but manages to resist.


Also making poor choices is Will, who bribes another officer to look at security footage from the day of Meg’s stabbing.  He finds a tape of Fletch and Meg arguing in the parking lot and leaps to the conclusion that Fletch is the murderer.  He and Spencer Hastings should really go to the same support group.

wentworth4.7Hi, my name is Will, and I’m addicted to clues.

In a brief respite from the bleakness, Erica goes to Franky’s cell to ask her to write a speech for today’s event.  Of course, we know that Franky has already written her speech, but she just wants to hear Erica beg her.  “What’s the magic word?” she asks. And I swear to god you could write a book about forbidden lust just from the way Erica replies, “Please.”

wentworth gif1

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She’s less polite to the guards, who she basically tells to keep their mouths shut about Ronnie’s daughter being used a drug mule.  But their rebellion is growing more and more overt, so she asks Vera to help keep them in line.


Erica: Look, I know you want to fletch Fletch’s arrow, but could you maybe back me up on this?

Vera:  How did you…?  I mean, that’s ridiculous.  I have a boyfriend, and Adam is his name.

Erica: What’s Adam’s last name, then?

Vera: Adam….Adam….Thumb…tack.  Adam  Thumbtack. OK fine I’ll help you.

And with that, she chirrups indignantly and flies away.

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