“Wentworth” recap (1.2): Dating, tutoring, same difference

Also living in the past is Will, who is blasting Bon Iver and scrolling through pictures of Meg, when he notices something wrong. In life, Meg was never to be seen without her gold bracelet, but it was missing when her body left the coroner’s office. He deduces that her killer must have stolen the bracelet, and immediately begs Vera for a full search of the prison. She obliges him, the search comes to nothing, she looks like a fool, and Erica Davidson seizes her opportunity. She calls in a favor to an old reporter friend.

The next morning, the prison wakes up to Erica’s face on the front page of the local paper.

The headline reads: “Let’s Put This Lady In Charge Of Everything.” Vera is all “But…I thought we were friends.” And Erica has the audacity to act offended that Vera would suspect her of talking to the press. So maybe I sorted her as a Hufflepuff too soon, because this is some serious Slytherin shit.

Elsewhere, Doreen lets go of the last of her selfishness. When she goes through Kaiya’s pictures and finds that they all have a distinct prison motif, she realizes that she isn’t helping her by keeping her here. When Toni shows up high on heroin, Doreen makes sure she is caught, which ensures that Kaiya is sent to live with her grandmother. And normally, I would say this was a storytelling mistake, since having a child in a prison is a constant source of tension. But in this case, I was practically breaking out in hives with worry, so I’m relieved she will be safe.  This show is stressful enough without little hot potato being in danger all the time.

Outside the Governor’s office, Erica is watching Vera get sacked like Tracy Flick watching the votes get counted. She is interrupted by Steven, the vocabulary/barista/dance teacher she was showing off earlier.  It turns out that he was providing Toni with her heroin, and is now panicking that his cover will be as blown as…his arrangement with Toni.  Erica orders him to find a career change and fast, and promises to cover up his wrongdoing. Is it an effort to save her rehabilitation program or her shot at becoming Governor? The thing is: it’s both. Wentworth deals in gray areas, and none are grayer than Erica. She genuinely does care about the women she oversees, but she is also a ruthless and cunning politician. For the time being, she thinks she can serve both ends at once, but the strain is bound to wear on her.  And you know what the best cure for strain is? LESBIAN SEX, THAT’S WHAT.

Taking a cue from Doreen’s good parenting, Bea decides not to give up on Debbie, and finally manages to get her on the phone.  Erica accepts the position of governor, and Franky watches her speech on TV, realizing for the first time that everything between them is about to change.


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