“Wentworth” recap (1.2): Dating, tutoring, same difference


Doreen decides to make Bea the first stop in her quest for Meg’s killer, which makes sense since Bea was the one finger painting with Meg’s blood. But Bea denies everything, and Doreen isn’t really the stabbing type, so she goes to Kaiya’s room and collapses in a state of despair. It is in this state that she flashes back to a time when the colors were even more washed out than they are in the prison yard.


Doreen, in her life before Wentworth, was a hard-partying young woman, who wouldn’t even let her pregnancy get in the way of her ecstasy/booze/McDonalds habit. The flashback concludes with a glimpse of how that story ended: at an ER.

Back in Wentworth, Doreen explains what Will threatened to do to Liz and Bea.  Bea confronts him about it.


Bea: Hey Mr. Jackson, sorry about your wife and everything, but I’m pretty sure “threatening children” isn’t one of the official five stages of grief, so why don’t you leave Kanga and Roo alone.  Anyway, you’re barking up the wrong tree, because I didn’t kill her.

Will: Fine.  If you didn’t kill her, then find out who did.  WHILE IN THE SLOT.

Bea: That doesn’t even make sense.

But nothing Will does makes sense these days. In his mind, because any of the prisoners could have killed Meg, all of them did. So he’s surrounded by his wife’s murderers, endlessly smirking and endlessly getting away with it. Fletch intercedes and saves Bea from the slot, and tells Will to go back home to his wilty flowers and his interrogation tapes.

That night, Doreen and Kaiya are busy being adorable, which is getting in the way of Toni, who is busy being a drug addict. Toni yells at Doreen to stop pretending she’s Kaiya’s mom, which came as a huge shock to me the first time I saw it. This revelation sends Doreen staright back to flashback mode, where she recalls learning that she had suffered a late-term miscarriage, and being forced to deliver her lifeless daughter.


And now is as good a time as any to say that Shareena Clanton is the kindest, warmest heart of this show, and in her fear and remorse, reminds me of all the Doreens I have known.

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