“Wentworth” recap (1.2): Dating, tutoring, same difference


Outside the prison, poor Vera wades through a crowd of reporters to get to the door. They want to know if she’s made any progress on Meg’s murder, but she refuses to talk to them, just repeats “I am rubber, you are glue” in a voice so soft not even she can hear it.  Erica is like, “Girl, why don’t you just talk to them” in the same way a hawk might ask a mouse why it doesn’t simply fly away.

In the prison yard, bathed in the blue light which apparently illuminates all of Australia (correct me if I’m wrong), Toni is all zombied out on drugs, and doing the world’s worst job of hiding it.  Doreen orders her to flee while she and Kaiya distract Will. They give him a “welcome back to the job after your wife got stabbed to death” card, which he RIPS UP LIKE A JERK. Also he says that if Doreen doesn’t find out who killed Meg before bedtime, he’ll make sure Kaiya is sent away forever.

The other mother-daughter storyline this week is between Bea and Debbie. Every single day Bea calls home to try and speak to her child, and every day her calls go unanswered. Finally Bea’s horrible husband comes to visit her and says that Bea’s calls are disruptive, and Debbie doesn’t want to talk to her anyway. BUT REALLY he is just holding the phone over Debbie’s head out of pure spite/the orders of Satan. The visit deeply shakes Bea, who is torn between guilt at abandoning her daughter and pain at feeling similarly abandoned.

After three weeks of watching Vera titter through staff meetings like a hummingbird on the verge of a nervous collapse, Erica Davidson can no longer contain herself. She takes the prison GM on a tour of her personal accomplishments, which include vocabulary lessons and barista training. She’s all about “rehabilitation” and “empowerment,” words that set my little liberal heart all aflutter.  Her proudest achievement, though, is Franky Doyle, to whom she has been giving “private lessons” for over a year. Franky SHAMELESSLY flirts with Erica in front of the GM.


Erica just blushes and purrs and the GM smiles benignly and rushes home to start his first Frerica fanfic. (I know “Frerica” isn’t a perfect fit, but it’s the best we’ve got).

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