“Wentworth” recap (1.10): Trouble in Paradise Lost

The next morning, Erica tells Bea that the police have failed to find any evidence linking Brayden and Jacs to Debbie’s death. What they did find was a bunch of text messages in Debbie’s phone saying “DRUGZ ARE BEST.” Bea leaves the office convinced that Debbie’s death really was a tragic accident, but Franky is determined to correct her.

Franky: You know in your gut that this was all on Jacs’ orders.

Bea: I can’t believe that.  The only thing that has kept me sane in here is the fact that I still remember there’s a world outside.  And if I start believing that Jacs killed my daughter, then I will have to kill her.  And if I kill her, it doesn’t matter when I get released, because I will never really leave this place.

Liz overhears this exchange and decides she needs to intervene to preserve what is left of Bea’s sanity.

Over at Fletch’s Evolved Man Cave, Vera decides to take the morning off and lounge in post-coital bliss.  Fletch makes a quick breakfast run, leaving Vera alone in the apartment, where she immediately starts going through Fletch’s stuff.  At first all she finds are carefully organized drawers of fishing lures and, I shit you not, beer cozies.

But when her snooping takes her to Fletch’s Feelings Journal, she discovers that:

1. Fletch was sleeping with Meg.

2. Fletch was VERY ANGRY with Meg at the time of her murder.


And then Fletch walks in and catches her reading his private thoughts and says:

1. He didn’t kill Meg.

2. Get out.

Well, I guess there’s always next season for you two.

When we return to prison, Erica tells Jacs that she lied to Bea, and actually the police are still investigating Debbie’s death and will not rest until the entire Holt family is behind bars.

wentworth10.6 Erica, you double-crosser.

Jacs is rattled and Erica orders her out. Then she orders the rest of the guards in to say ACTUALLY the police don’t know shit, and the guards are going to solve this murder themselves.

wentworth10.7Erica, you triple-crosser.

She orders them to go through all the records of Jacs’ visits and phone calls, in search of something that would prove that Brayden was acting on her orders.

Sensing that the vultures are circling, Jacs decides to take a big gamble: she tells Will that if he covers up her actions, she’ll tell him who killed his wife.

And sure enough, hidden amongst her phone records, Will finds evidence that Jacs was pulling Brayden’s strings.  While he mulls over his conflicted loyalties, Erica breaks her personal rule and invites Franky into her office for a private chat.

Erica claims, Erica insists, that she only wants Franky to help defuse tensions between Bea and Jacs, but Franky won’t hear it.


The actual dialogue:

Franky: Why am I here?

Erica: You’re here because I want to make this prison a better for the women.

Franky: You don’t care about the women.  It’s all bullshit. You’re hiding in here with us.  You get off on being here.

Erica: Get out.

Franky: And the thing that scares you the most, is that when you’re fucking him you’re thinking of me.

I have spent a lot of time analyzing this dialogue and what I think is: Franky isn’t wrong in any of her observations about Erica, but she isn’t all right, either. Erica really does want to help the women, and yes, that is partially motivated by her personal, subconscious, and sexual hangups, but that doesn’t make her efforts less sincere.  I mean, when Batman saves a busload of Gothamites, no one is like “yeah, whatever Daddy Issues.” But Franky is the Joker to Erica’s Batman, and it is only by denigrating her motives that ever hope to win in this battle of wills. And Erica, for her part, is happy to be perceived as something other than strong. She wants the freedom to have a dark side, a lustful side, a side that is as infatuated with the criminals as it is with the law.

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