Watch/Discuss Last Night’s “Modern Family:” Flipping Out


Claire and Cam are house flippers, Phil plays Mr. Fix-It, Gloria leaves Jay alone with baby Joe, and Mitch helps Lily deal with a schoolyard bully.

Favorite Moments:

  • Once again, Lily was the MVP, and had the best line of the episode. Mitch: “You know what, I’m going to play.” Lily: “But daddy, he’s really good.” Mitch: “Well, I’m really good, too.” Lily: “But it’s a sport.”
  • Luke: “It’s going to cost more if you want me to eat it now.”
  • Phil: “My daughters know nothing about home care and maintenance. I don’t want them to be dependent. It’s up to me to show them what a modern, self-sufficient woman looks like.”
  • Mitch: “I could just see the disappointment in her eyes.” Luke: “Like there’s any emotion in those eyes.”
  • Mitch: “Cam’s going to be doing drop-offs for a while.” Lily: With patented Lily exasperation “We got a letter.”
  • Claire decides to one-up Cam, who’s brought lesbian friend Pam (guest star Wendi McLendon-Covey) in to be the final vote in their house renovation.

What were your favorite moments?



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