“Warehouse 13″ recap: The War of the Worlds

Helena agrees to help Pete and Myka track down the police station surveillance video. She does it by “pretending” that Myka is her “girlfriend” whom she’s trying to impress her by giving her a tour of the station. What they discover is that the guy who confessed to the crimes was quite literally a neanderthal when he was running through the parking lot last night. It’s because of this artifact that’s basically a T-Rex hologram you wear on your hand. It triggers survival instincts because it makes you think a dinosaur is about to eat your face. A fight-or-flight artifact when Helena’s pulling a runner, huh? Interesting.

The guy who’s controlling the artifact is the cop who took the guy’s confession last night, and when he shows up at Helena’s house to menace Helena’s boyfriend, Helena thrashes him with her krav maga skills and smashes his face into the dirt. The boyfriend is like, “Who are you?” And Myka is like, “Exactly.”

Myka has always been sure that HG understands her without words, but for the first time in the history of their partnership, she decides to just spell it out. Again, she has absolutely no interest in dealing with this case. Chase down the cop who stole the artifact? Nah. Get on a plane and get that thing back to the warehouse? Nah. Seek justice for the guy who is unfairly imprisoned and the other guy who died because of the hologram T-Rex head? Nah, not that either. Myka would rather stand in Helena’s kitchen and process some more. Seriously, Pete is trying to talk down Helena’s boyfriend who mutated into an actual cave man moments before, and Myka and HG are in the kitchen have a heated, whispered discussion about Helena’s life choices.

Myka finally calls her out about how she’s trying to bring her daughter back to life again, in a more socially acceptable, less homicidal kind of way than usual. HG doesn’t deny it, can’t even form the words to bat away the accusation. She just tells Myka to pack up her astute observational abilities and skedaddle back to South Dakota if she’s going to keep dropping hard truths like that. But now that Myka’s saying words, she can’t stop herself. She literally goes, “You are denying who you are to chase a ghost! This life, it’s not who you are!” Helena’s face says she knows Myka is right, but she doesn’t have time to do anything about it because they get a call that the bad cop has kidnapped Adelaide.

They rescue her, of course. Myka tries it on her own, first. But Pete and HG chase her down to an abandoned warehouse and they tag-team the bad guys. Pete tells Helena not to kill anybody or Myka’s going to be super pissed and Helena rolls her eyes because damn that woman and her perpetual correctness! Adelaide saves herself the way Christina could not and when Helena legitimately says to her, “Bravo, my girl,” she can hear — like we can hear — that she really is talking to a ghost.

Once the bad cop (and the mayor with whom he was in cahoots) are properly jailed and Adelaide is safely home, it’s time for Pete and Myka to get back to the warehouse. That T-Rex hologram head isn’t going to shelve itself. Pete and H.G. part with smiles and giggles, which is pretty remarkable considering how many times they’ve tried to kill each other, and Myka decides that since Helena one time sacrificed her happiness and her life for Myka, it’s time for her to return the favor. She tells Helena she was wrong and that she should stay here and be a mom and a girlfriend and be happy because she’s really good at all of those things. Helena thanks Myka, not for understanding, but for giving her permission to live this lie a little longer. They say the word “friend” about a dozen times, and you can practically see the mental air quotes they’re putting around the word. “I don’t want to lose my ‘friend.’” “You’ll never lose your ‘friend.’” And finally Myka throws herself into H.G.’s arms, her eyes as bright as Christmas.

They’ve never made a choice, together, to say goodbye. And they don’t really know how to do it. H.G. saw on TV that you can make coffee dates with people you love, but Myka’s sacrificed all she can today. She can pretend they’re parting as “friends,” but she can’t pretend they’re coffee buddies. She says maybe they’ll save the world together again one day, when Helena remembers she was born for endless wonder. Myka hangs out of the window as Pete drives off, refusing to look away. And Helena can’t make herself stop staring either. The camera pushes in on Helena’s face again. The words she’s not saying.

The past is the beginning of the beginning and all that is and has been is but the twilight of the dawn.

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