Vote now: Who is the cutest TV couple of 2011?


Fiona and Charlie, Degrassi

Taking a page from The Book of Naomily, Charlie decided the best way to pick up Fiona was to talk about how cool scooters are. Scooting resulted in nearly-nude sketching and nearly-nude sketching resulted in making out. Fiona even got an actual scooter license — not a euphemism! — along the way.

Sara and Whitney, The Real L Word

Whitney and Sara are the only real life couple to make our cutest couple list. Or, well, as real as real life gets on The Real L Word. They were together. They were not together. They were together again. They were not together again. If ever there was a case of “I wish I could quit you!” (“No, I don’t!”) it was Sara and Whitney.


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Voting has now ended. Check back soon for the results!


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