Vote now: Who is the cutest TV couple of 2011?


Tara and Naomi, True Blood

Tara went down to New Orleans to find a new life and she found a new lover! Gorgeous cage fighter Naomi might have found out “Toni” was from Bon Temps and has some surreal friends and family hanging around, but they still had a connection that was very much centered in the real world. Hopefully Naomi will be back next season to prove she can handle Tara’s truly f—ed up supernatural life.

Sophie and Sian, Coronation Street

It’s been a rough year for lezzy Corrie fans. After a whole lot of tabloid speculation, we found out that Sacha Parkinson wasn’t extending her contract into 2012. But that didn’t stop her from acting her heart out as she and Brooke Vincent continued to portray one of the sweetest lesbian couples in the history of television. We’re never giving up hope that Sian will come back for her lady love. It’s Coronation Street: If people can come back from the dead, they can come back from out of town!

Bo and Lauren, Lost Girl

The first rule of being a Fae is: Don’t fall in love with a human. Whoops. Bo broke that rule. They protect each other, they adore each other, and finally they fell into bed with each other. No one owns Lauren, but Lauren owns our hearts.

Isabel and Cristina, Tierra de Lobos

The tomboy and the prostitute: a tale as old as time. Only it’s never been as sexy as it was on Cristina and Isabel when they stopped gazing at each other and started kissing each other. The slow burn. The shining sun. The months and months of yearning. We didn’t even need subtitles to understand what was happening.

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