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Emily and Samara, Pretty Little Liars

Ah, the age-old story of teenage love: Lesbian arranges for her closeted girlfriend to meet a mentor. Closeted girlfriend stands up mentor. Mentor sells homemade jewelry from lesbian commune at Halloween fair. Lesbian dumps closeted girlfriend and hooks up with mentor. Behold Emily and Samara!

Emily and Paige, Pretty Little Liars

Before they sang karaoke and held hands and picnic-ed together in the Forbidden Forest, they hated each other’s guts. Something about team captains and drowning? But when Paige McCullers came out — when she sobbed and said out loud, “I’m gay” — she won our hearts, and Emily’s too.

Kalinda and Lana, The Good Wife

Kalinda doesn’t always make the best decisions with women. Or men. Or baseball bats. But we can’t help but root for her and her Sapphic shenanigans. Her fling with Lana may have been short-lived, but my goodness was it ever smokin’ hot.

Diana and Christie, White Collar

For three full White Collar seasons, we heard about FBI Special Agent Diana Barrigan’s smokin’ hot girlfriend — but we’d never met her. In season four, the the couple finally had Neal (and us!) over for dinner. Not only was Christie as gorgeous as promised, she was warm and fun and whip-smart, and she and Diana were adorable together.

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