10 LGBT Vloggers You Should Be Watching


So if you’re a millennial, you spend approximately 97% of your time on the web and you might have found that a lot of the web caters to the perspectives of cis, straight, men and it’s a bit disheartening as queer women.

For that reason, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best LGBT vloggers with YouTube channels that you should subscribe to, like, yesterday. From transwomen to bisexual women to lesbians to gender-questioning-demi-girls (that’s a super long label, Ashley Mardell), all of these YouTube vloggers help to represent LGBT women across the web.

So let’s dive in, shall we?


Zinnia Jones

Zinnia Jones: A Trans Youtuber

Photo: Zinnia Jones via Twitter

Zinnia joined YouTube in 2008 and has become one of the largest transgender vloggers on YouTube. She uses the platform to debunk transgender myths, discuss politics, and even break down scientific concepts like How Sex Hormones Work in a simple, understandable way.

She’s dedicated to trans issues that you see in the media; most notably, the trans bathroom ordinance (which she rightly calls a ‘witch hunt’), and Chelsea Manning’s prison sentence. She’s even been invited onto CNN and Al Jazeera to share her views.

One of her best long-running series in Gender Analysis; a helpful guide to life as a trans person drawing from her own experience as well as that of others and combining it with contemporary research.


Bria and Chrissy

Bria and Chrissy: Lesbian Youtubers

Photo: Bria and Chrissy via Twitter

The beautiful lesbian couple basically ticks off just about every genre of YouTube videos. They have serious discussions about mental health, bullying and coming out but counterbalance it with more light-hearted videos, like comedy skits and viral challenges.

A favourite of their comedy videos is 10 Worst Ways to Break Up featuring a line that will someday be used in the first half hour of a romantic comedy: “I want to propose…that we see other people.”

They’re also a musical duo as well, performing their own songs- sometimes political- and just to warn you, the Dear Chick-Fil-A song will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.


Ashley Mardell

Ashley Mardell: Genderqueer Youtuber

Photo: Ashley Mardell via Twitter

The majority of Ashley’s channel focuses on LGBT issues featuring interviews and collaborations with other queer YouTubers to get a diverse range of ideas on different issues. Ashley’s even written a book on the ABCs of LGBT.

Some of the cutest videos feature Ashley’s girlfriend, and later fiancée, Grace; for proof, check out the We’re Engaged! video and try not to smile. You can’t do it. These two have #RelationshipGoals forever!

Ashley is also a genuine camera geek, loving any opportunity to experiment with camera hacks, green screen, and hand-drawn art, as seen in the Travel, Music and Silly Videos playlists especially.


Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid Nilsen: Lesbian Beauty Blogger

Photo: Ingrid Nilsen via Twitter

Ingrid’s channel is basically YouTube in miniature; shopping hauls, hair tutorials, and glam-it-yourself hacks. She’s been on YouTube since 2009, which is a lifetime in social media terms, and is truly a Queen of the site.

Whilst it’s not the majority of her channel, Ingrid has two coming-out videos: one where she first came out as gay and a follow-up video this year to answer some questions about what it’s like to come out. She described the experience as “terrifying” but “one of the most valuable things that you can do”.

She tackles the trans bathroom ordinance in a video entitled: “What if YOU couldn’t use the bathroom?”, and mental health issues like anxiety and stress.


The Gay Women Channel via UnsolicitedProject

The Gay Women Project: Comedy Videos

Photo: The Gay Women Project via Twitter

Most of the entries on this list focus on one lady (or couple), but The Gay Women Channel features various different hosts for diverse series; sometimes the topic is sexuality or gender identity, sometimes it’s a cat video (because legally, every seventh video on the web must be a cat video) but you’ll always be laughing in the end.

They have several different series on the channel including The Lesbian Guide to Lesbianing, Pillow Talk with Adrianna and Sarah, Til Lease Do Us Part and Gay Aunt Barbara.

You know the stereotype that women aren’t funny? This channel destroys it.


Kat Blaque

Kat Blaque: Trans female youtuber

Photo: Kat Blaque via Twitter

Kat embraces the several marginalized spheres that she embodies; being a woman, being trans and being black. She focuses on trans issues, feminism, and racial issues; giving focus to important issues of the day through her #Hashtag playlist which has featured vlogs on the NYC Street Harassment Video, Black Lives Matter, and the trans-bathroom ordinance.

She also produced a series especially for White History Month– always giving back to the community. If you’re wondering; isn’t every month, White History Month? Yes, you’re right and this series flips any need for White History Month on its head.

One of her longest running segments is Kat’s True Tea: a weekly series where Kat answers questions from viewers on political issues, gives relationship advice and just in general, gives it to you straight.


Now This Is Living

Shannon Beveridge via Instagram

Shannon Beveridge via Instagram

This adorable lady uploads vlogs about her day to day life, including drinking games, travelling vlogs, and prank videos where she tries to scare her (now ex-) girlfriend and epically fails. Sorry Shannon, it was a good try.

She also takes part in viral challenges like the Blindfolded Makeup Challenge, the Chicken Nugget Challenge, and the Ice Bucket Challenge.

While she does a fair amount of fun videos, she also takes the time to focus on important issues. The video, “Shopping in the Men’s Section” exposes the ridiculousness of gendered clothing, while her coming out video shares a story to tug at your heartstrings.


The Roxetera


Roxetera: Lesbian Youtuber

Photo: Roxetera via Twitter

One-half of YouTube couple Rosie and Rose, Rosie Spaughton takes on hair and beauty tutorials, Vlogs, and Q+As.

One of her most poignant videos is her coming out story, where she explains how hard it is to come out as bisexual, sometimes more than coming out as a lesbian because some people still see bisexuality as a choice or a phase.

She discusses how she came out to her (religious) friend who talked her out of going out with another girl and her mom who dismissed Rosie’s bisexuality out of hand because Rosie was “too young” to know her own feelings.


Ally Hills

Ally Hills: Lesbian Musician

Photo: Ally Hills via Twitter

Ally Hills uses YouTube mainly to showcase her musical talents (and she has a lot) but she also does many collaborations with other LGBT YouTubers.

Some of Ally’s songs like Peacekeeper are acoustic ballads that wouldn’t be out of place in a rom-com, even the video looks like it could be set in a Nicolas Sparks’ movie.

However, she also has a decent amount of comedy songs, like: How to know if a girl is a lesbian”, a play on the stereotypes that exist regarding lesbians.  According to the song, if she likes cats, wears beanies and watches Orange is the New Black, “then you’re probably in luck”.


Kiera Rose

Kiera Rose: Bisexual Youtuber

Photo: Kiera Rose via Twitter

Kiera Rose is an alternative vlogger with hair tutorials to dye(!) for and even a make-up tutorial to show you get a modern Snow White look, just in time for Halloween or any cosplay event.

In 2012, she uploaded a video on Bisexuality: Myths V Facts. She begins the vlog by stating: “I’m bisexual. I’m not a dead cert for a threesome. I’ve never had a sexually transmitted disease. I have a long-term boyfriend but that doesn’t mean that I’m no longer bisexual.”

Now, in the video, she implies that there are only two genders but she has since asserted that if she redid the video she would rephrase it to say that there are more than two genders but that she is attracted to men and women.


So what did you think of these LGBT vloggers? Are you about to hit subscribe on ten new YouTube channels? Are there any that we missed? Are you, in fact, one of these ladies? In which case, can we be friends?

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