Regan Latimer on three seasons of “B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye”


When held a contest in 2008 to find the next great lesbian/bi web series, we had no clue what was coming. Sure, we knew that our readers were above average, but nobody realized how many talented and creative entries we would get. Eventually, the weary judges agreed on a winner that has become one of our favorite web series ever — B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye.

Four years later, Fletcher is three episodes into its third and final season and writer/producer/director Regan Latimer was kind enough to take time to talk to us about the incredibly true adventures of B.J., George and Regan. We’re so glad to see Fletch and George again! The quality of Season 3 is better than ever — congratulations!
Regan Latimer:
Thank you! We are very pleased with our third season. The quality is definitely a step up from where we were two years ago. We’ve upgraded equipment in between seasons, which has added to the overall look of the show. We were all really excited to be back in the Fletcher groove.

AE: We sort of feel like proud parents.
As well you should! AfterEllen was absolutely a defining mentor to our web series. Had AfterEllen not had that web series contest back in 2008, the world would most likely be Fletcherless today. And what a sad world that would be.

AE: Now that you’re back, things are really hopping. How many episodes are in Season 3?
Season 3 has five episodes in total, which will bring B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye to its series end. (The first three have been posted, # 4 goes up April 3, and #5 goes up April 10, with a blooper reel the following week.)

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