The Gym with Lacey Stone (Episode 3)


A New York City and Hollywood celebrity trainer, Lacey is one of the country’s most sought after fitness professionals. This week, she gives us the quickest workout ever, no excuses! Lacey shows us an actual workout she does when she’s short on time. Work your legs, chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, in abs in only 15 minutes. Train with celebrity trainer Lacey Stone and get the body you deserve.

The 15-Minute Workout:

First round – Repeat each exercise three times, no rest

Chest – 12 reps

Back – Seated Cable Row 12 reps

Shoulders – Squat -Double Shoulder Press – 12 reps

*Back & opposite Movement of the shoulder Press

Repeat two more times

One round took only two minutes, six minutes total. When you keep moving it gets your heart rate which is great for weight-loss.

Second round – repeat each exercise three times, no rest 

Legs – DB Squats 12 reps

Biceps – DB Bicep Curls 12 reps

Triceps – Dips 12reps

ABS – Bicycle 100s

Repeat two more times

Round two takes three minutes, nine minutes total.

In the end, it’s a 15-minute workout!

International viewers can watch here.

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