“Queersland”: Episode 1


Last month, our AfterEllen.com Down Under columnist Ruth Callender told us all about the new sketch comedy webseries, Queersland. Created by actor, writer and theatre director Leah Pellinkhof, the show is described as a “light-hearted, laugh out loud, tongue-in-cheek mockumentary web series, showing the hilarious side as well as the delicate hearts of the unique and diverse people that make up all the colours of the rainbow flag.”

The first episode was released yesterday, and in it we meet hippie lesbian couple Breeze and Rainbow, bisexual emo teen Xanax and his best friend Tamazapam, and drag queen wanna-be Barry and his boyfriend Thomas. 

Have a look and let us know what you think! (Warning: Contains some NSFW language.)


For more info, check out the official Queersland channel and follow the show on Twitter @Queersland or on Facebook.

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