Guinevere Turner, Tammy Lynn Michaels go to bat for “Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf?”


If you attended any of the screenings at Outfest in Los Angeles last week, you may have seen filmmaker, occasional contributor and bon vivant Anna Margarita Albelo (Hooters!, A Lez in Wonderland) promoting her latest project, Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf?. She told us today, “We were at Outfest nine days in a row! I was there from 8:30 a.m. to midnight. I only slept two hours per night, but we gave out around 1,700 cards and flyers, 3,000 vagina hugs and I kissed a couple of babies and a few dogs.”

Vagina hugs? Maybe this footage will help explain:


Now you really wish you were at Outfest, don’t you?

Who was charged with the duty of counting vagina hugs. Is that going on their resume?

Albelo is in the home stretch with her Vagina Wolf campaign, with only four days left to reach the $25,000 goal. Funds raised will be used for production costs for the film, a dark (and “often autobiographical”) comedy about the story of a Cuban-American lesbian who has been hiding from relationships in her film career. In the indiegogo pitch, Albelo writes:

The film recounts the tale of, ANNA and her catalyzing 40th birthday: the day she sets about getting the girl AND making the film that will change her life!

Inspired by the incredible classic, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Anna finds herself lost and disheartened but love, or shall I say, the promise of love, inspires her to embark on creating an all-female version of the film.  

The cast includes Albelo, Guinevere Turner (channeling Taylor’s “Martha”), Tammy Lynn Michaels (taking on Sandy Dennis‘ “Honey”), as well as comic Bridget McManus, Joel Michaely and The Real L Word‘s Whitney Mixter, who is presumably bringing the “power of the clam” to the project.

Here, Turner talks about the film and the acting challenges she expects it to entail:


And Tammy Lynn Michaels is also clearly excited to join in the fun:


Albelo refers to the group of people dedicated to making the film as “The Wolf Pack” and invites you to join said Pack by contributing to the campaign. Some of the “perks” for contributors at different levels include T-shirts, a credit in the film, invitation to a private screening, a walk-on role, or a date with Mixter (you might have to sign a release form for that one). Those who give at the $5,000 level may opt for a plaster cast of Guinevere Turner’s breasts or Whitney Mixter’s butt.

Check back for more updates from Albelo as the film gets underway. There’s a good chance she’ll be reporting from within the confines of her trusty vagina costume. This woman really commits!


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