Second City does “The Real L Word” better


Next to Dara’s recaps, the very best thing about The Real L Word is that it is ripe for mockery. (Some scenes are just ripe, I know, but that’s a different post.)

Leave it to the warped-but-funny minds of Second City to hit the nail (pun intended) on the head. After all, this is the troupe that gave us Gilda Radner, Jane Lynch, Tina Fey and Amy Sedaris. You saw a preview of Second City’s Lesbian Cougars of Los Angeles a few weeks ago in Morning Brew, complete with mullets, tweed jackets and leather bracelets.

Now the Cougars — Megan Grano, Molly Erdman and Celeste Pechous — have taken on The Real L Word and these women obviously have seen the show.


You know, out of context, Cougar Lesbians Go To College might be borderline offensive. But considering the travesty that Ilene Chaiken has, um, thrust upon us, I’d give the Second City sketch four Sunshine Crotches.

What’s your rating of this Cougar Lesbians episode? Watch the video a few more times while I’ll whip up some shrimp stir-fry.

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