“Webseries the Webseries”: Episodes One and Two


Jules Martin was a TV star long before she became a lesbian icon. In her final season as Detective Nina Pincheck on Gotham Vice, she gained worldwide attention for her compelling onscreen romance with costar Michele Reese, who played District Attorney Teresa Park.

The Nina and Teresa storyline was a hit. Fans dubbed the lesbian super couple “Trina” and the pair quickly became an online sensation. Webseries the Webseries is what happens when Jules attempts to carry that momentum into a new venture, her very own lesbian webseries.

Episode One

In the first episode, aging cable TV star Jules Martin deals with a canceled series, her unexpected status as a lesbian icon, a throng of devoted fans in an online chat room, and her well-intentioned, yet mildly delusional, best friend Pam.

Episode Two

Fueled by flattery, booze and Pam’s online genius, Jules makes a decision to produce and star in her own lesbian webseries.

Webseries the Webseries originally premiered on tellofilms.com.

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