Brunch with Cameron Esposito and Amanda Crockett (“Brunch with Bridget,” Episode 79)


This week Bridget runs away and joins the circus, indoctrinated into the life by two of the women of El Circo Cheapo Cabaret, ringmaster Cameron Esposito (also of vlog Cameron Esposito: Homo Genius) and clown/acrobat Amanda Crockett.

The ladies of El Circo talk about life on the road and being out performers, then teach the ever-flexible Ms. McManus a few circus tricks.

Brunch with Cameron Esposito & Amanda Crockett (Brunch With Bridget, Episode 79)

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And come see Bridget’s new stand-up show, "Please Don’t Pet Me I’m Working" in Provincetown, MA October 10-18 at the Post Office Cabaret (303 Commercial Street) during Women’s Week.

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