Making Gay Magic: Episode 1


Welcome to the latest concoction brought to you by the vloggers who put together Retro Reviewing. They’ve watched so many lesbian movies that they’ve decided to make their own series about making one. Call it meta, call it satire, but they prefer to call it Making Gay Magic.

Rachel (Rina Klanfer) is an amateur lesbian filmmaker who dreams of making it big one day. Though she lives with her parents and ekes out a living working at the Nude Horizons Sex Toy Shoppe, she’s written a new script and enlisted the help of her girlfriend Jessy (Brittany Miltenberger) and best friend Samantha (Denae Pachucki) in order to make it happen. The film also stars a straight actress, Celine (Katie Shannon).

Rachel’s script is an intense tale of romance and love between two 20-something roommates. Celine plays baby butch “Beth” in the film within the film, and Jessy plays Dolly, a straight-laced young woman.

Documenting the whole endeavor is Christa (Danielle Riendeau), a documentary filmmaker and artist extraordinaire.

In the first episode, the cast and crew come together on the first day of production, as they film the wildly exciting “food fight scene.”

Check back Thursdays for new episodes of Making Gay Magic.

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