Christina Cox and Liz Vassey star in “Ladycops” episode “Brotherly Love”


Nancylee Myatt, Maeve Quinlan, and the rest of 3Way folks recently released a full episode of the fake show-within-a-show Ladycops, starring Liz Vassey (CSI) and Christina Cox (Blood Ties, Defying Gravity), that they first introduced in episode six of 3Way.

Cox and Vassey play straight actresses (Lara Lancaster and Mikki Majors) who hate each other, playing lesbian detectives (Sienna and Jo) secretly in love with each other on the crime show Ladycops — which is itself a reference to the lesbian detectives Cox and Vassey played in the pilot for a real show called Nikki & Nora, which was almost picked up for broadcast TV in 2004.

Confused yet? But in a good way, right?

Basically, Ladycops: Brotherly Love is a send-up of police procedurals — complete with cheesy music, forensics banter laced with sexual tension, and the requisite chasing-a-suspect sequence — with a lesbian twist. It also makes fun of how some actors who play lovers on-screen can’t stand each other off-screen, and it mocks lesbian subculture (because there’s just so much to mock!).

Throw in a cameo by Gabrielle Christian (South of Nowhere), and appearances by Maeve, Maile Flanagan and Bridget McManus in their 3Way roles, and it’s a very entertaining 15 minutes!

Ladycops: “Brotherly Love” (Warning: NSFW!)


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