From The Cheap Seats: From All Angles (Episode 52)


This week on a very special episode of From the Cheap Seats, Becca and Michelle are joined by Alex Chambers, who is traveling around the country to attend a home game of every team in the WNBA. The vloggers caught up with Alex on his Seattle stop and grilled him the differences he sees in the players, teams, and fans in each city. The WNBA found out about Alex’s venture and have supported him with media passes to interview players, so he is also able to share some tidbits from the locker room.

Katie Douglas of the Indiana Fever

To follow Alex’s adventure and see his interviews with players from each team, visit his blog or follow him at @13teams1journey on Twitter. You can also follow Becca (@siavalore) and Michelle (@sodown).

From The Cheap Seats: Episode 52

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