Really?! REALLY?!: Melissa Joan Hart, abuse against transgender children (Episode 8)


This week Michelle’s all over the pop culture spectrum. She covers Melissa Joan Hart‘s remarks on Farrah Fawcett, Sacramento’s Rob, Arnie & Dawn in the Morning broadcasting a half hour of hate on transgender children and Dick Cheney waiting to “come out” on gay marriage.

She also asks for your two cents on Noah Cyrus (Miley’s sister) and her pool party getup.

Really?! REALLY?! Episode 8

MONDAY 6/8 UPDATE: Rob of Rob, Arnie and Dawn in the Morning finally posted an apology on the show’s website for “presenting our opinions on a very sensitive subject in a hateful, childish and crude fashion, and then, given the opportunity to retract those remarks, [defending] them.” They are staying off the air until Thursday.

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