“All For One” gives the Three Musketeers a very modern and queer spin


The classics have found a new life in an unexpected place: YouTube. With wildly popular web series like Carmilla and The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, classic tales are getting fresh twists. If you’ve been missing Laura and Carmilla, then may I suggest falling for Dorothy Castlemore and her crew on Kinda TV’s All For One.


Based on Alexandre Dumas’ famous tale of brotherhood and adventure, All For One switches out its swashbucklers for sorority girls, fighting against the evil campus council president and his nefarious plans. Created by Sarah Shelson, who brought us The March Family Letters, and Coupleish scribe RJ Lackie, the adaptation is full of intrigue, fun, and did I mention it’s hella queer?

Yes, there are four, count ‘em, four queer ladies on this show. Dorothy Castlemore is our bisexual leading lady (played by Gwenlyn Cumyn), who has the major feels for her roommate Connie (Linnea Currie-Roberts). Connie may return those feelings, but her commitment to her long distance girlfriend certainly makes this love connection challenging.

Connie and Dorothy in their natural habitatall4one2

Two of the supporting players (and sorority sisters), Ariana (Angie Lopez) and Portia (Claire Gagnon-King) are an opposites-attract couple who are out and proud about their relationship.

Portia and Ariana being adorableall4one3

As Dorothy pledges the sorority of her dreams, she finds out there is much more lurking beneath the surface of the college system and her friends and love interests, than she ever imagined. Joined by her faithful online chat friends, The Inseparables, who act as her trusted advisors and also a Greek chorus of sorts, makes All For One feels wonderfully, well, hip. Are the kids still saying hip? Whatever. It is. Rounding out this group of awesome ladies is Alex (Alejandra Simmons), the momma bear of the group who may have a secret or two hidden in her perfectly pressed sleeves.

The gangall4one4

The show, directed by Shannon Litt, can be quite silly, but also dips into some pretty dark territory. I won’t give too much away, but the stakes are a lot higher than a bunch of frat keggers and sorority parties. Another major player is Miller (Dan Mousseau), who is one of Dorothy’s love interests and makes himself instantly suspect when he calls The Inseparables, “beans.” If you’ve already been watching the series, you know how everything plays out with Miller, but I won’t spoil things for the newbies. Let’s just say it will keep you on your toes.

The show has been airing since early March, which is good news for your binge-watchers out there. This Saturday, the show will be airing a live episode which is a can’t-miss. Will Dorothy and Connie finally become #Dornie? Will these rag-tag modern day Musketeers bring justice to the crooked campus? Will Ariana wear shorts and fishnets again? Subscribe and tune in to find out. Also, here’s an exclusive sneak peek look at Dorothy and Connie in a future episode.

connie and dorothy

Check out the trailer below. Episodes 1-20 are available now.

The live episode of All For One airs this Saturday at 5:30pm EST on KindaTv. You can also follow the series on Twitter. Regular new episodes air on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:30pm EST.

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