A trans woman and cis lesbian fall for one another in “Her Story”


The web series Her Story finally debuted today in its entirety, with six episodes following trans waitress Violet (Jen Richards) and cis lesbian reporter Allie (Laura Zak) as they begin to discover a curiosity about one another that surprises them both when their relationship turns romantic. As the show’s stars and creators, Jen and Laura lead a largely-LGBT cast (including Angelica Ross and Fawzia Mirza) in a show that explores the lives of trans and queer women that is not only well-written, beautifully shot and exquisitly acted but grounded in reality.  The themes are very real and so are the people, which helps to make Her Story some of the best storytelling you’ll see in 2016.


Check out the first episode below and visit HerStoryShow.com to find out more about the project and appearances happening near you.

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