“Sidetrack” features the lives and loves of queer women in Brooklyn


Full of spot on pop-culture references, authentic and sexy moments, new queer webseries Sidetrack is off to a great start with its debut season. Created by Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya, Celina Vicioso and Kirsten Ariel Bledsoe, the new show focuses on a diverse group of 20-something queer women in Brooklyn, as they search for love, success and themselves.

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Adrienne is newly arrived in NYC and crashing with her buddy, Radika. Within days, she meets Asa, a popular and charming DJ.

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Radhika is a comedian who struggles to come out to her traditional Indian family, all the while fighting for karaoke turf and a spot on the mic.

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Sato is a free-spirited dancer who recently went through a break-up with her boyfriend, and is back on queer dating scene for the first time in a year.

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Allie and Jo have a successful Youtube channel, although their real-life relationship isn’t nearly as rosy as the image they project. Jo is thoughtful and much more introverted than their partner Allie, who is a bit of a control freak and uber-focused on their “brand.”

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Sloane, a soccer playing scientist, manages to capture the heart of the show’s lothario, Camille.

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While the show is set up with character-themed episodes, the cast’s lives intersect often, which is pretty much on point for any group of queer folks in the same city. A little bit gritty, funny, and most definitely addictive, Sidetrack makes a great addition to the growing world of queer-centric web series. You can watch the entire first season now on YouTube, and check out the show’s Twitter account for cool profiles on the cast, playlists and more.


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