The Lo-Down: The Final Episode


Yes, folks, the time has come: Welcome to the last episode of The Lo-Down (before we go on indefinite hiatus). Sarah Pecora and I have really enjoyed sitting on the couch and talking to you all for the past year. We thought about going out with a star-studded musical episode, but unfortunately due to budget constraints you’ll have to settle for our reminiscing over a bottle of champagne.

We also take a trip to San Francisco’s women-owned and operated Black and Blue Tattoo, where Sarah is in the process of having her latest tattoo done by the fabulous Anne Williams.

So sit back, relax and enjoy our vlog! And if you miss us in the future, you can always watch previous episodes of The Lo-Down or drop by my website and say hi. We will miss you, and thanks for being the Best. Vlog. Viewers. Ever!

The Lo-Down: The Final Episode

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