The 2008 Hot 100 Video Countdown: Part 1


Now that we know the results of the 2008 Hot 100, I asked the stars of’s video blogs and web series to give us their take on why these women deserved to be on the list. Some took a funny approach, others a more serious one, but all are entertaining.

And unlike most TV countdown shows, this one is very, very gay.

To keep the video manageable, I’ve broken it into four parts. The first one is below, and the next three will be rolled out each day this week through Thursday. Not all the vloggers appear in every segment — Dee and Cathy DeBuono, for example, are in the next three, but not this one; and Liz Feldman was too swamped with working on the (awesome) upcoming episode of her show to participate at all — but you should find at least a few of your personal favorites represented in each video, talking about women they think are hot. (Does it get much better than that?)

First up! The women who ranked on the list between 100 to 76, which includes P!nk, Cat Cora, and Naomi Watts, plus a few of the vloggers themselves. Enjoy! Hot 100 Video Countdown: 100 – 76

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Watch the 75 – 51 countdown, and check out the entire list of women on the 2008 Hot 100.

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