Brunch With Bridget: Episode 15 “Spillin’ Tea with Jenn and Dee”


Bridget’s coming at you from Dinah Shore this week, where she invites fellow vloggers Jenn and Dee (Come With Me If You Want to Live) to join her in bed for brunch.

In addition to talking about Dinah, Jenn and Dee describe their first kisses, and Jenn explains why she always wanted to slap people be a mortician.

Bridget, meanwhile, explains how she earned the “Dinah Ho” t-shirt she’s wearing (hint: it involves “ballet” dancing on a cube), and Bridget and Dee discover their paths crossed many years before — proving that all lesbians really do know each other!

Brunch with Bridget: Episode 15 “Spilling Tea with Jenn and Dee”

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Look for Jenn and Dee’s special Dinah-themed episode of Come With Me if You Want to Live later this week, and their vlog recaps of Work Out beginning shortly after that.

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