What’s YOUR Problem? Episode 4


Actress and therapist Cathy DeBuono lightens things up in her fourth episode with comedian Suzanne Westenhoefer.

Cathy and Suzanne deconstruct a love triangle, offer advice on finding your mojo and take a random tangential trip through several other topics for no apparent reason at all.

What’s Your Problem? Episode 4
"Having Your Cake and Eating Hers Too"

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If you have questions/issues you want Cathy to address, you can leave them in the comments, or private message Cathy.

Suzanne’s show, "Suzanne Westenhoefer: A Bottom on Top" is currently airing on Logo and is also available on DVD.  For more information go to www.suzannew.com.

Closing song “Days of Summmer” performed by Janet Robin.

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